DKS DATA Consulting Group

Records Management & Compliance Consultants.

FOIP, PIPA, CGSB, ISO...Are standards overwhelming you? We can help overcome the compliance and legislative mountain you need to climb.

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Our Services

  • Records Management.

  • Records Retention/Disposal.

  • Compliance (FOIP, ATIP, CGSB etc.).

  • Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA).

  • Threat Risk Assessment (TRA/HTRA).

  • Data Archiving.

  • Corporate Reporting and more.

  • Featured Articles

  • Cyber-security, Compliance and Consent.

  • Social Media or Social Engineering.

  • Trust but Verify

  • Real World Turing Test.

  • Data Sovereignty

  • Data at Rest vs. Data in Transit.

  • The First Digital Evolution.

  • The Einstein Test Rebooted.

  • Records Management & Compliance Consultants